Reception A - Miss Ferns 2019 - 2020

We will keep updating you with ideas to support your learning at home. So keep popping back here to see what new challenges there are. 

Have a look in the downloadable files below- it has lots of fun activities for you to have a look at and try at home.


HI All,

We hope you all had a wonderful half term and did lots of exciting things. We hope you have been keeping busy. Thank you to all those who shared on Tapestry. It has been lovely to see pictures of your activities.

Read Write Inc.

Remember to access the RWI resources available on oxford owl as well as watching the RWI sessions on YouTube. Mrs Moloney will be sending out some more Wizzy words for you so keep practicing Fred talking them. If you can Fred talk them easily try and Fred them in your head. You could challenge yourself to speedy read some words!


Try to keep counting! Practice counting objects, stairs, food and anything else in your house you would like to use. Challenge yourself to see how many objects you can count accurately. Maybe you could ask a grown up to take some away and you could count how many are left? Remember on Youtube there are several counting clips which will be familiar from school so that you can practice your counting

-The big number song
-Count by 2s
Dancing twos

30 days wild

This week Mrs Walsh will be adding to the school's Facebook a daily challenge. It will be about committing acts of wildness. We would love to see photos of you completing these challenges and if you would like these to be shared on Facebook then you must consent at the end of the email -  Please do take a look at the daily challenges.


Remember to check the daily tapestry challenges. If you complete any we would love to see some of your activities. Teachers can then reply and tell you what a brilliant job you did! It is lovely to see what you have all been up to and it is a nice way to keep in contact.

I will also be completing phone calls home again this week so I will look forward to hearing how you are keeping busy.

Miss Ferns



It is Mental Health Awareness week this week (18th May-24th May) and we think there is never a more important time to think about and promote children's mental health. The theme this year is kindness and we know the reception children are all kind. Maybe we could spread some happiness? You could make a picture for a friend, bake some cakes for a neighbour or call someone who you know maybe lonely. We have made a list of ideas that you could complete together as a family to promote your children's mental health and emotional well-being. This is attached at the bottom of our class page.

There are a few websites you could look on for other ideas:
- Mental have some useful information here have a kindness calendar here
Remember Cosmic kids yoga is great for helping children relax. You can find it on youtube here


Wednesday 13th is National Numeracy Day! It is to try and encourage the use of maths and to demonstrate how maths is important for everyday tasks. At the bottom of the page are some activities which you may want to try at home with your child. Throughout the day the website of National Numeracy will be posting clips and videos for both parents and children which may be useful. Click here to go to the website.

You could also try some counting videos that we enjoy in the class.

-The Big Number Song here
-Counting by twos here
-Count by 5s here

Cbeebies Numberblocks also offers some useful clips and games which may be useful for your child. Learning through having fun is the best way! Cbeebies Numberblocks


Whilst we are off school its really important to keep active and healthy. Here are a few of our favourite keep fit and active songs from Reception Class. Keep moving!

- Cosmic kids Yoga
There are many Cosmic kids videos on youtube. Why not try the under the sea one Here
- Jumpstart Jonny. He has many fun clips of exercise, chill outs and dancing. Here
- Jack Hartman- Has many keep fit videos many including counting and maths. Try moving to 'I can move my body' or counting to 'Dancing twos'.
- Cbeebies Andy completes different animal work-outs. Try this 'under water workout'.
- Youtube also has many Kids Zumba videos for children to keep moving to. Try this 'I like to move it' or pirates Zumba with 'A pirate you shall be'

Happy Workouts!



Reaseheath Mini Zoo have free downloadable activities, colouring pages and live videos of different animals on their website. You can find out some interesting facts about their amazing animals and enjoy some close encounters from the comfort of your sofa.


Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub

The sector-led Oak National Academy has launched its online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. The lessons cover children in Reception through to Year 10 and are free to use by both teachers and parents/carers. 

The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:


Launch of BBC Bitesize

The BBC has launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents. 

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:


Hello Reception, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and not ate too many chocolate eggs! 

It's the start of a new term and we have included the Home Learning Opportunties sheet below where you can have a go at the different activities relating to the topic 'Water'. We will continute to set daily challenges on tapestry to maintain contact with you so please keep sharing your learning at home with us. 

Just a reminder that music lessons are available on Charanga. You can access this online using the login information which you will find in your home learning pack. 

Stay Safe

Miss Ferns 


Children's Storybooks read aloud online

BBC Supermovers-  A website jam-packed with fun videos which link to your child’s learning and helps to get them moving. This is a firm favourite with teachers! Suitable for children of all ages – this will support their physical health and keep them learning!

Cosmic Yoga- YouTube Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed for young children. 


Hi Reception!

Thank you for sharing your photographs and videos of your activities on Tapestry. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your learning at home. You have all been doing such an amazing job in these difficult times so please continue to share your home experiences with us. 

We hope that you having a lovely Easter break by spending time with your families and completing some exciting activities. If you need ideas of activities to keep you busy then we have attached a home learning opportunities sheet full of wonderful Easter ideas. If you are up for a challenge, we have also attached different Maths challenges to try. 

I will be contacting you after the Easter holidays to have a chat and see how you are all doing. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and let's hope the Easter bunny comes to visit!

Miss Ferns 😊



I hope you are all well and keeping busy! We are missing you all but it is lovely to see your posts and updates on Tapestry. Please keep uploading pictures and messages about things you have been doing at home. Don’t forget we are adding a new daily challenge or task to Tapestry so keep checking.

Have a look at White Rose Hub. There are brilliant ideas of activities to do. Week 2 activities are linked to a story by one of our favourite authors- Julia Donaldson, What the LadyBird Heard. Have a try at some of these activites.


There are some daily activities to keep you busy:
-Joe Wicks is doing daily PE sessions on Youtube at 9am Daily PE
-Ruth Miskin is streaming live Read Write Inc sessions on her Youtube page 
Set 1 sounds 9.30am
Set 2 sounds 10am
-David Williams is releasing a new audio book each day at 11am for the children to listen to. Audio stories. Each story lasts approximately 20 minutes.

If you are looking to complete some Maths activities and daily counting here are some links to some of our favourite songs and games.

-The Big number song
The shape song
Counting by 2s song
Counting by 10s song

There are many maths games available to play on Top Marks. The games cover all areas of the maths curriculum such as counting, adding, repeating patterns and shapes.

Phonics and reading
-Oxford Owl has Read Write Inc resources where parents can register and log on. The resources include eBooks, Speed Sounds practice sheets, Parent information booklets and Speedy Green Words.

-Read your favourite books and stories at home. Talk about the characters, settings and discuss the pictures.
Tell an oral story. Can you create a story map to help you recall the story?
Create your own characters for a story. Can you draw and label them?

We hope that these ideas help to keep you busy. We will be updating the website with new messages and ideas so keep checking. 

Keep busy and stay well.

Miss Ferns 😊


Mrs Lawton, Miss Ferns and Mrs Dewsbury are the Reception class teachers. The Reception team also includes Mrs Bracegirdle and Miss Lawton. Mrs Adamczyk is the Reception PE teacher. Mrs Dewsbury is the Early Years Foundation Stage Assistant Principal.

In Reception we follow the Development Matters national curriculum for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In Reception the morning consists of Read Write Inc, our phonics scheme, and Maths. Our afternoon begins with an input linked to our topics, this is then further developed during child initiated learning. Throughout the year children learn in both Reception classrooms and our outdoor area.

What does your child need to bring to school every day?

Please ensure that your child has a labelled water bottle in school every day so that they can access a drink throughout the school day.

Your child will need to bring their book bag daily. This will allow them to carry their Read, Write Inc book and a library book. Children will access the library with their class either on a Tuesday or a Thursday. The library is also open to parents and children every day apart from Wednesday. You can access this through the main Reception.

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. The school does not have a supply of spare clothes for children so it is essential that they are well dress e.g. a waterproof coat with a hood for wet weather.

Your child must have wellies to be able to access the outdoor learning provision.


Our PE day is Wednesday. Please make sure that your child has a named kit, which includes black pumps or trainers, black shorts and either a green or white t-shirt. Long hair needs to be tied back.

All earrings need to be removed before school or the lesson for PE sessions. Where ears have recently been pierced, it is essential that children have their own plasters from home to cover their earrings. This needs to be done either at home or by the child themselves. This is in line with the school policy.


Excellent attendance is vital for achieving your child’s potential. The classroom door opens at 8:40am for morning registration. There will be a member of the Reception team waiting at the classroom door to welcome your child. If you have a message for your child's class teacher, unless it is urgent, if possible, please arrange to speak to her at the end of the school as mornings are a busy time inside the classroom.

It is important that children arrive on time for school every day. This helps them to settle into the school day quickly and calmly. This has a positive impact on their ability to engage in their learning. 

School finishes at 3.05 and children need to be collected from classrooms at this time.

Read Write Inc

Your child will bring home RWI sound sheets or books each Friday to share with you at home. Please support them by listening to them read and asking simple questions about what they have read and their new sounds. They might also enjoy teaching you the sounds and words they have learnt. RWI books need to be returned to school each Thursday.

There will be a charge of £2 for lost or damaged books.

Irlam Library

We visit the Irlam library on a Wednesday afternoon. This gives the children time to explore and talk about the fiction and non-fiction books on offer. You can visit the Irlam library after school with your child on a Monday and Thursday. The library is open from 3:05pm until 3:40pm. 





This site has been updated with further information you may find useful, recommended educational apps and links to on-line educational resources. 

Click the image to search Hungry Little Minds for simple tips and activities, or to find out what's available where you live. Children soak up every little bit of stimulation you give them. All the little things make a big difference to the development of their speech and understanding of words. Everyday moments can be used to boost your child’s learning, as they are interested in all sorts of things. The Hungry Little Minds campaign provides lots of simple tips and activities that you can slot into your routine and that children love. Such as:

• Play ‘I spy’ on the bus with them and you can see their imaginations light up

• Talk to your child about what has happened so far in the day – for example, “We went to the shops this morning, didn’t we? We bought some apples.” And talk about what is going to happen next – “After lunch we’ll do the washing up”

• Look at picture books together. With each new page, give your child time to point out things to you and talk about what they can see

Young children need to eat well to...

  • establish good eating patterns
  • ensure they grow and develop appropriately
  • protect teeth
  • maintain a healthy body weight

You will find a range of resources which will provide you with information and ideas for healthy eating by clicking on the image above. 

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