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Update: 08.02.21

Well, here we are again, learning from a distance. Please use this page, as well as the School's YouTube Channel, "Wistaston Academy", to access ideas for art activities during this lockdown period. Scroll down this page to see projects you may not have seen in the previous lockdown. My main focus will be to post weekly art lessons on our YouTube Channel. Ideas will be shared there and on Facebook so you can keep honing your artistic skills. Please use this opportunity to try things at home. I will always try to give you projects using art materials you may have at home, or that you can access easily. Please contact me with any questions on

I would love to hear from you and you can send me your artwork via that address. As before, if parents give permission, we can celebrate your creations on Facebook with our whole school community.

So, please look lower down for initial ideas and keep checking this page every week for new ones.

Keep safe!

Mrs Walsh.

Welcome to Art at Wistaston Academy!

We are excited to welcome you all back to school again after such a long break away!

As usual, art will be taught once a week, covering six special areas of focus throughout the year, which are:

•    Drawing
•    Painting
•    Textiles
•    3D
•    Collage 
•    Printmaking

For a more detailed explanation of what we will be learning please see the art overview. We will keep artwork in school for a little while so we can celebrate our incredible achievements and then it will be sent home so you can enjoy it at home too.

Art will be taught by Mrs Walsh for the majority of children, as well as Mrs Dean and Miss Nicholas if you are in Year 1.

Venues and Equipment

In order to keep us all as safe as possible, art will be taught in our classrooms this year, so that all children can stay in their safe “bubble” zones, rather than bringing everyone to the art room. We will still have the opportunity to create challenging and exciting pieces of art, because we will sterilise equipment and wash our hands more frequently. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can go back to our lovely art room.
Special activities

We will be creating artwork for some special occasions too, so we have exciting things to work towards.
•    Reception and Year 6 will be creating beautiful and thought-provoking pieces which will enhance our Harvest celebration this half term.
•    Year 3 will be working towards some Hindu inspired art for Diwali.
•    Year 5 will be doing some 3D work next half term, to create a giant collaborative sculpture of an angel – linking with our learning for Christmas. 
•    Other Year Groups will participate in special events at different times.


What to bring to school

Much of our artwork relies on recycled materials, and this half term we would like to invite you to participate with the following:

•    Year 3: Please bring in washed out glass jars to enable us to make diva lamps for Diwali.
•    Year 5: Please bring in any scrap metal objects such as unwanted spoons or forks. Other scrap metal items that you may come across in your garage that you do not want may be useful, such as old satellite dishes, cogs, pipes etc. We will be constructing a recycled angel sculpture, inspired by the “Knife Angel” that was displayed locally in Chester last year.

Contacting teachers

If you wish to contact Mrs Walsh, please do so via your year group email, your class teachers will pass the message on, and Mrs Walsh will get back to you.

Have a wonderful half term!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are keeping well during this time! Don't be disheartened - we will come out the other side of all these strange changes.We are looking forward to seeing some of you back in school soon, but don't worry, we will keep posting things here to keep you going at home. Please check out the art ideas on this page - I will keep adding new ideas, but I will leave the previous ones, in case you want to try them too. The best thing you can do to keep your art skills developing is to keep drawing. Drawing is the basis of most art forms, so keep drawing from observation and it is like flexing your artistic muscles! Keep an eye out on the school Facebook page too, because I am uploading a daily "Random act of Wildness"challenge card this month for The Wildness Trusts' "30 Days of Wild". Some of these are art ideas - or you could combine them with Andy Goldsworthy-style Land Art.

Parents, I have added some more resource website links for you at the bottom of this page.

Have fun, and see you before too long!


I'm sure you would be able to tell me that collage is the skill of creating a picture by cutting, ripping and sticking down different materials. This creates an interesting, textured effect. The instructions below show you one way to create a collage:

Painting with Acrylic: Van Gogh's Starry Night

Van Gogh's Starry Night is a fantastic example of texture in a painting. Watch the video link:  to see a basic way of creating your own version. When you have painted your sky, why not add swirls of string or wool to create more texture, mirroring Van Gogh's impasto style? You could add a foreground like Van Gogh's, or add you own twist like the one in this picture given to me by Mrs Buckley! (She knows I love Stranger Things!)

Drawing Mandalas

Use the YouTube link attached to help you learn how to draw mandalas. Mandalas are intricate patterns which always have a central genesis. Creating these patterns is not only a beautiful way to produce art, but is also a good way to practice mindfulness and even meditation. If you find a quiet spot where you can "get lost" in drawing these patterns, you will find it slows down your breathing and helps you focus on the moment you're in. This is a great way to look after your mental health, especially if anything is bothering you.

The artist in the video uses pens to draw with, but you may find it easier to start in pencil, as this is easier to edit. After you have drawn a mandala, you could colour it too, if you wanted to. Please send me in your results - as always I would love to see what you have been doing.smiley 

Funny Videos: Performing Arts

It has been said that "laughter is the best medicine", so if you are feeling a bit down with life at the moment, why not cheer yourself up with an ICT / performing arts project? Have a go at creating a funny video by filming clips of you and your family (you may want to disguise yourself like I have in my example). You can paste your clips into a programme like movie maker or imovie and edit until it fits your ideas. You can change the order, speed and length of your clips, you can mute your videos and add music instead, you can time the clips so they fit the lyrics of your song. You could use dance...or anything you like! Please remember though to keep safe in any antics you get up to and do not post your video anywhere where you jepoardise your safety. Remember not to include things that give away your name, age or address. See if you can cheer your family up by making them laugh!

Observational Drawing

Normally in the summer term, Year 4 would be looking at observational drawing of enlarged flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe. This is something that anyone can try, however! If we look really closely at something, we can get lost in that thing for a moment. This is called "being mindful", which is one way to look after our mental health. Have a look at the video I have made to help you and give it a go! 

Land Art

There are lots of land art challenge cards on our school Facebook page. Based on Andy Goldsworthy's art, you will see lots of fun things to do outside! Great fun for all ages. This links with the Charlie Waller Wellbeing Challenge we shared. You can "get active" outside doing this, you could "give" or "connect", by forming it into a message for someone, or you can "take notice", by really looking at the shapes you are creating.

Painting with stencils

Check out the video to see how to make a stencil that you can use for painting. You could create pictures, cards, banners - anything you choose with this method! smiley 

Jim Dine Heart

You may have heard of an idea called "Through my window", where people have been putting their encouraging pictures in their windows at home, so that passers-by can be encouraged in this difficult time. We need to remember we are in this together, so any bit of encouragement we can give others, the better! I am going to focus on ideas at this time that are one's you could brighten someone's day with, so the first one here is how to create a "Jim Dine heart". Jim Dine is a  Pop-Artist who loves the heart motif and as a Pop-Artist, he also loves bright colours - which seem like a perfect combination of things for you to put in your window. I have shown you how in my little youtube videos:

We may need to improvise with art materials as we may not have access to everything we would like right now - but there are many ways of achieving similar results. Have a play! If you would like to share your results with me, I would love to see them. You just need to email them to the school's admin email address.

Have fun creating! Why not try making art in the garden in this lovely weather?

Artist Research!

I have always wished we had time at school to do some deeper artist research for the projects we delve into in classes. Now is the perfect time for you to have a go at this! Why not investigate the artists that will be looked at in these suggested projects (In this instance: Jim Dine) and create your own fact file about them? Remember, you can make this part of your art by writing your research in a scrapbook-like fashion (as we do in our school sketchbooks). You can scrape paint over your page first / write artistic titles / use torn text / write over tape / you can create holes or windows in your page that look through onto the next page....the possibilities are endless. If you work hard at this, we can add your research into your sketchbooks at school when you come back, or you can keep them yourself. Here's an amazing website to help you with this: 

Performing Arts

Why not have a go at creating a sock puppet? Here is a website to help you! 

You could use your puppet to sing songs, to tell stories, to practice his times tables...the possibilities are endless! wink Remember, when you've made your puppet, you need to:

  • Open the puppet's mouth AS he says (or sings) a word, not after he says it.
  • Always close the puppet's mouth after he finishes his word, or it will look like he's still speaking (or dribbling!).
  • Hold your hand so that the puppet's face can be seen (angled down a bit) rather than just his chin or neck. (This will make your hand ache, but you'll get used to it!)
  • Exaggerate the movements.
  • If he's singing, when he's holding a note, try to add a bit of vibrato and make him shake as he sings.
  • Get your puppet to dance in between singing.
  • If more than one of you are performing together, listen for different parts of the song for each puppet. Maybe one puppet can sing backing vocals? They could dance together?
  • Finally, find somewhere to hide yourself when you're performing - only let the puppet be seen (that might mean you need to duck your head down sideways and stretch up your arm high) - like behind the sofa!

Have fun!

Printmaking with leaves

Have a look at the video: to see how to experiment with monoprinting and using positive and negative stencils! Why not write your own "Shadorma" poem to incorporate some text into your picture. We recently had a wonderful poetry day with Ash Dickinson, and he showed us how to write these poems that have a syllable pattern of:

3,5,3,3,7,5. So the first line has three syllables etc. You can paint pictures with words as well as paint, and text adds interest and texture to your picture. Why not give it a go and check out more poetry ideas on Ash Dickinson's Facebook page or website (

Don't forget to email me your pictures via the school website! yes


One of the best treasure troves of art ideas that should keep you and your family busy at home is This site is jam-packed with tutorials and inspiration of all kinds - you cannot run out of art ideas on there! yes

Here are some other great resources:

Keep safe and see you soon!

Mrs Walsh.

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