Mrs Adamczyk - PE 2019 - 2020

Hello boys and girls,

I hope you are staying positive and keeping healthy and active during this difficult time. 

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I am missing teaching you all PE and keeping healthy and active together. But I know that you are all able to use your knowledge and skills of sports and healthy lifestyles to continue to lead a healthy active life. Staying active is more important than ever right now, and even if you’re mostly in your house there are plenty of ways you can stay active.

Weekly Wizzy Challenge!

WC 23.3.20

Throw a ball up in the air, how many times can you clap your hands before you catch the ball!

Remember- you must catch the ball for it to count!

WC 30.3.20

How long can you hold the plank position for?

Keep your back straight and bum down, no pyramids or ditches!

Easter Break

WC 20.4.20

How many speed bounces can you do in 30 seconds?

Remember-jump with two feet together, side to side over a line or object!

WC 27.04.20

How many times can you throw and catch a ball with a partner in 30 seconds?

KS1-use a big ball, KS2-use a tennis ball

Remember-under arm throws only. If you drop the ball you must start couting again from 1!

WC 04.05.20

How many times can you roll a tennis or small ball between you and a partner in 30 seconds

Remember-the ball should roll not bounce. If the ball bounces or doesn't reach your partner start couting again from 1!

WC 11.05.20

How long can you balance a small cuddly toy/teddy on your head?

Remember-use your arms to help you balance. Don't touch your teddy once the timer has started! 

WC 18.05.20

Build a tower with toilet rolls. Take 5 (or your age) steps away from the toilet rolls. Throw a rolled up pair of socks at the toilet roll tower. How many throws does it take for you to knock the tower down?

Remember-all toilet rolls must be knocked down!


WC 01.06.20

How many times can you kick a ball or balloon between you and a partner in 30 seconds

Remember-if the ball or balloon doesn't reach your partner start couting again from 1!

I'd encourage all of you to start your day at 9am with a live Joe Wicks PE workout-dont forget your fancy dress costumes on Fridays!

There are lots of other activities you could take part in, either by yourself, with a sibling/s or with your whole family.

Jump Start Jonny

This Girl Can


5 Minute Move

Cosmic Kids Yoga


WC 23.3.20

Set up a circuit in your garden using the exercises on the cards below: (Decide on how long you will spend doing each exercise and how long you will rest before the next exercise e.g. 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest

WC 30.3.20

Have a look on the change 4 life website below at some healthy recipes for you and your family to enjoy making together:

Easter Break

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Please continue to stay as active as possible. Use the website links listed and continue to do the PE work set and our Wizzy challenge each week.  Other ways you can stay active include; playing in the garden, riding your bike or scooter, walking etc.  

WC 20.4.20

Chatterbox Challenge. See attached files.

WC 27.4.20

At this time of year in PE we would usually be practicing for Sports day. I would still like you to do this at home. You may need to use ‘different equipment.’ 

Our sports day events include:

Sprint race

Run as fast as you can from one point to another. Pump your arms, use high knees and look ahead. Remember to stay in your lane!

Egg and spoon race

You will need a wooden spoon and a small ball or a rolled up pair of socks. Hold the spoon in one hand and place the small ball/socks on your spoon. Put the other hand behind your back. Move forward with the spoon and ball/socks. If the ball/socks fall off your spoon stop, place back on your spoon and carry on. Remember, slow and steady!

Sack race

Jump with two feet together. You could use a potato sack or a skipping rope. Stand on the skipping rope and hold the handles and jump. If you don’t have any of these then just practice jumping with two feet together. Remember to jump for distance, not height!

Bean bag race

If you don’t have bean bags use 5 rolled up pairs of socks. You will need to place the 5 pairs of socks next to 5 markers in front of you. One at a time you need to collect the bean bags/socks placing them into a hoop. If you don’t have a hoop use a bucket or washing up bowl. Remember to experiment with the order that you collect the bean bags/socks!

Relay race

You’ will need to get the whole family involved in this one! Use a wooden spoon as your baton. Hold the wooden spoon and run as fast as you can to the next person. Pass the spoon carefully to the next person. Do this until everyone has run. Remember-don’t drop the baton!

WC 04.05.20

Please continue to practice your sports day races at home. Why not ask a family member to time how long it takes you to do the race. Try and beat your time!

This week I would also like you to complete the 'Be Active' page of the CWMT Wellbeing Challenge  (page 8) see attached file. Remember  you should be taking part in at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day. 

WC 11.05.20

This week I would like you to take on the 2.6 challenge. The 2.6 is a fantastic way to stay active from your bedroom, bathroom, living room, balcony, garden or park... everyone can join in!

All you need to do is come up with an idea around the numbers of 2.6 or 26.

  1. Think of a few fun ideas you can do safely at home
  2. Compete your Challenge
  3. Share a photo or video of your Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge

For more information go to the 2.6 challenge website

WC 18.5.20

This week we should be celebrating Sports day. I would love for you all to take part in your own family sports day at home. If you can include any of our sports day events that would be great! (see wc 27.04.20) I would also love to see some of your own e.g the wheelbarrow or three legged race. Get the whole family involved and have lots of fun!



WC 01.06.20

This half term we will be focusing of striking/fielding and net sports. Can you think of any sports when you strike a ball or use any fielding techniques?

This week we will be focusing on throwing (underarm). You will need a tennis ball. If you dont have a tennis ball or a ball that is similar in size then roll up a pair of socks and use them. 

Teaching points:

  1. The child should hold the ball in their dominant hand (left or right handed)
  2. Look at the target with both feet pointed towards it
  3. Swing the arm holding the ball backwards like an elephant’s trunk, then as it goes forward, release the ball.  The child can also step a foot forward as they throw (the foot opposite the throwing hand).
  4. Remind the child to keep their eye on the target.

Set up an underarm throwing circuit in your garden.

  • Station 1
    Children attempt to throw their ball/socks at a toilet roll tower with a teddy bear/light object on top.  Their goal is to knock the teddy bear or object off.
  • Station 2
    Children attempt to throw their ball/socks into a bucket
  • Station 3
    With a partner children attempt to successfully throw and catch the ball/socks as many times as they can without dropping it.
  • Station 4
    Children attempt to throw the ball/socks to hit a specific brick on a wall.

Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Adamczyk


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