Year 4 B - Mrs Taylor 2019 - 2020

Home learning week beginning 1st June

Hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the weather. 

This week we would like you to complete the English activities on Oak National Academy website again (this is the same website that Miss Aldridge has used to set your Maths work the past few weeks). If you are struggling to navigate the website, then watch her video again, but select English rather than maths. Complete lessons 1-5 in the character description. 
Here is the link to the webpage:
If you would like to challenge yourself then create your own character can send it to us to read. Remember this character does not have to be real. 

Other Literacy activities for the week:
•    Spelling Shed
•    myON and AR quizzes
•    Literacy workbook
•    BBC bitesize activities 

JK Rowling will be posting a chapter (or two, or three) every weekday between 26th May and 10th July on The Ickabog website. Click this link to find out all about this exciting opportunity. 
You will find the book here: 

Maths this week will focus on the same website that we have used for the past two weeks. Here is the link that you will need: you will be focusing on symmetry if you finish these lessons try being creative and finding symmetry around your house. 
If you complete the above lessons White Rose Hub are still releasing videos for you to watch, you can complete the matching activity as you have done in previous weeks. Also, don’t forget BBC bitesize are still releasing daily lessons and challenges. 
Link for bitesize:
Link for White Rose Hub:
If you did not watch this video last week please watch this lovely video of me explaining what I would like you to do for your maths work this week.

Don’t forget that you also have access to:
•    Maths Shed
•    TT Rockstars
•    PurpleMash
•    Maths work book

On Saturday 30th June NASA launched astronauts into space for the first time in nearly a decade. Watch this video to find out all about it.

•    Design and make a model rocket explaining how it works (You may have to do some research on this).
•    Create a model moon (be creative you may want to use papier-mache).
•    Observe the moon over a number of days and see how it changes. Find out why the moon changes. 
•    Research a famous astronaut and create a fact-file on Purple Mash or hand write it. 
•    Do a character description on one of the astronauts who has been launched into space (you will need to research all about them)
•    Find out any foods and essential items that would be taken into space and create a leaflet explaining why they are important.

Whatever project you decide to do email across any pictures or work, we would love to see it. 

Please access Mrs Walsh’s webpage on our school website and complete one of her activities. If you cannot find her page, here is the link:

Please access Mrs Adamczyk webpage on our school website and complete some of her activities. If you cannot find her page, here is the link:

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is mental health week: its theme is kindness which is something we have spoken a lot about in Year 4 this year. With that in mind we would like you to carry out some random acts of kindness around the home. Follow this link for suggested daily tasks:

If you enjoyed those then you may want to take a look at other ideas here:


As well as being kind to others, it's also equally important to be kind to ourselves. Twinkl have a great document that gives top tips on busting stress. Take a look at them here:

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