Year 1 A - Mrs Dean 2019 - 2020

Hello Year 1,
We hope you have had a lovely half term in the glorious sunshine and have been staying safe. We will be calling you again this week and we are already looking forward to it.
Remember RWI share a daily Speed Sound Lesson and Mrs Moloney will be sending a new Word Time file. We would also like to hear about the books you are reading so you could send us a photo of some of the books you have read or you could write a book review. We have saved a template in the 'files to download' section.
We have looked at our senses in Year 1 and we would like you to use your senses and describe different road settings on Purple Mash. You could also create a shopping list for the week. Give your shopping list some sub-headings (e.g. diary, fruit and vegetables, meat). Remember to add your favourite food onto the list! You could then write a poem about your favourite food or find out some facts about your favourite food and write them down.
White Rose are repeating the Measurement topic so if you did not follow it at the beginning then please do take a look.
Oak Academy have some addition and subtraction lessons. There are 10 lessons in total but aim to do 1 per day.
Remember to log on to your Numbots account to work on your addition and subtraction mental calculations. In class you love to tell me what you know about a number. Choose a number between 0-50 and write down everything you know about this number.
There is also week 4 arithmetic practice too in the 'files to download' section.
Starters for STEM are activities that you can use at home to help develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skill. This one is called 'Oh crumbs!' You need to take a biscuit and put it in a sealed bag. Now try and crush the biscuit into little pieces while it is still in the bag. Can you pour the  biscuit into a bowl? What things can you usually pour out? Is the biscuit a solid or a liquid? Have a look at rx32hm 
We have also added 2 different experiments for you to complete at home. You can write your predication before starting it and write your results down afterwards too. These are in the 'files to download' section.
Music and well-being activities
This week it is all about bees! Look at the activity in the 'files to download' section and learn all about singing or buzzing like a bee and then to listen to some music inspired by bees!
We have also added some more well-being activities in the 'files to download' section.
30 days wild
This week Mrs Walsh will be adding to the school's Facebook a daily challenge. It will be about committing acts of wildness. We would love to see photos of you completing these challenges and if you would like these to be shared on Facebook then you must consent at the end of the email -  Please do take a look at the daily challenges.
Take care,
Mrs Dean

WC 18.5.20

Hello Year 1,
We hope you have had a restful weekend and ready for this week's work! Please do remember to send us any photos or videos that you would like to share with us because we enjoy receiving emails from you -

Continue to visit the RWI lessons daily and your Word Time file from Mrs Moloney. We've loved seeing the photos you've sent of you completing this work at home. 🙂

We have many superhero keyworkers during this difficult time and we thought you would like to write your own superhero story on Purple Mash. Remember to use the sounds you know, capital letters and full stops.  You could also write a letter to someone who you are missing and tell them about your time at home.

White Rose and Bitesize are looking at measurement this week. So do watch the videos and complete the activities on the Bitesize page. We have also included a sheet in the 'files to download' section to continue to focus on number bonds to 20 and another week of arithmetic practice.
A couple of weeks ago you completed some money work and were sorting the different coins. This week it is all about saving money. Have a look at the PowerPoint and the activities to go with it.

We have looked at the different continents in class and we have labelled them on a map of the world. If you follow this link, it will take you to a series of lessons all about the seven continents and it looks at each continent in more detail. We went onboard the Year 1 plane when we travelled to the different continents in class - maybe you could make your own plane for these lessons and fly your family to the different destinations. Which continent would you like to visit?

The lesson this week is about 'Making decisions'. This will help develop their decision making skills and their ability to manage influences. It will help the children to recognise situations which involve a decision and how and who can help them. The PowerPoint and the 2 resource sheets are in the 'files to download' section.

It is Mental Health Awareness this week and the theme is kindness. We have 2 different activities that you can do with your family:

Paint or draw your family tree. Under each person's name, write something you like or admire about them. When you're done, ask them to write something nice about you under your name.
Listen to the 'The Kindness Book' by Todd Parr: then create a poster together called 'In our family, kindness is...' and display it proudly in your house.

Stay safe,
Mrs Dean


WC 11.5.20

Hello Year 1.

It was lovely to speak to you again in the week and hear all of the things you have been doing. Lots of you have enjoyed the activities on Purple Mash so please keep it up, Miss Nicholas and I are enjoying seeing all of your work. Thank you again to those parents who have sent in pictures and videos of your children, it is brilliant to see.


Keep up to date with your child's RWI learning by visiting their online website to watch speed sounds lessons. Don't forget to use the word time file to support your child's reading which is being sent out each week by Mrs Moloney.


As well as the writing tasks available to you on Purple Mash, we would love for you to have a go at writing your own diary entry. This is the perfect opportunity for you to write what you have enjoyed doing with your time at home and all the things you are looking forward to when everything is a little bit more normal!


Wednesday 13th May is National Numeracy Day, this is a chance for you to complete some exciting maths activities and watch some videos too. The time table for the day and relevant  activities are in the files to download section below and the link for the video and website is here:

Enjoy and let us know how you get on!
For your maths this week we would also like you to use the BBC bitesize website to access daily maths lessons with a focus on addition and subtraction. There are several games and activities for you to do. Don't forget to circle the operation and think about what it is asking you to do.

In the files to download section of the website, we have attached another week of arithmetic practice.


As part of your topic learning we would like you to find out all about plants. Can you find out what plants need to grow and the different parts of plants? You might be able to spot some of the plants you learn about on your daily walk.

Use this link to access lots of different plant based lessons. Many of you are growing plants at home so we have added a new 2do on Purple Mash to create your own daily plant diary, what do you notice and how is the plant changing?


The home learning lessons attached in the files to download section of the website is on the positive ways that our 'special people' care for one another, especially in families and friendships. It encourages children to consider the most important aspect of maintaining positive relationships and reflect on how this can be challenging at times of change or uncertainty. This also ties in nicely with the well-being idea pack that we have previously emailed out. 


In Year 1 our RE lessons  focus on Christianity. This half term we would have been learning about churches and some of the features inside and outside a church. In the files to download section there is a powerpoint you could use with questions and answers to help you learn about some of the features of a church. You might choose to use the internet to research these features in more detail. Don't forget to let us know what you find out! 

Stay safe, 

Mrs Dean


WC 4.5.20


Hi Year 1!

We hope you enjoyed Pyjamarama Day and we really enjoyed the emails you sent us on the day. We will be ringing everybody again this week and we are looking forward to this.


VE Day

This Friday we have another special day to celebrate and it is VE Day. This will mark the 75th anniversary of the end of Word War ll in Europe. You might decide to celebrate this day with your family  by having a 'stay at home' VE party or even a street party. To help you celebrate, you could put up some homemade flags, make a hat and even design and write invitations to your family for this special day. We have saved some resources to help you celebrate this day in the 'files to download' section. We have also included a PowerPoint about why this day is special. If you do celebrate this day, you could write about how you celebrated it and draw us a picture. 

Remember to send us some photos to to show us how you celebrated this day!



This week on White Rose is all about addition and subtraction. Remember to follow the link daily to watch the lessons and complete the work each day.

BBC Bitesize also have lessons about number bonds so have a look at their videos too!


We've also saved a MoneySense sheet for you to sort the different coins and a PowerPoint quiz to see if you know the different coins that we can use.


In school the children complete arithmetic style questions at the beginning of every maths lesson. We have attached some arithmetic practice in the 'files to download' so you can continue to do this at home.



Continue to complete your daily RWI lessons online and with the work that Mrs Moloney sent you.


Geography and French

Take a look at the follow clip about France and then in the 'files to download' section we have some links to French songs that you could learn.


Purple Mash

We have set some new 2Dos. Have a go at completing the writing task 'My ambition' - we would love you to tell us what job you would like to do when you are older. You also need to choose your favourite Julia Donaldson book - we have read so many of them at school! Write a review about your chosen story. We are seeing so many rainbows in windows so we thought you would like to do one on Purple Mash too! Finally, have a go at the Bond Bubble game (Challenge A only) to help you with your number bonds.


Speak to you soon and stay safe,


Mrs Dean


Hello again Year 1!


It was lovely to speak to you last week and hear that you are all staying safe and enjoying your time at home. 



Lots of you told me that you had been enjoying your daily walk or bike ride with your family so I thought you could make it into a challenge. On your walk could you find or see something beginning with every letter of the alppabet and write it down for example A - apple tree, B - butterflies, C - caterpillars. We would love to see pictures of your list on the Year 1 email address,


The BBC Bitesize website also have lots of fantastic activities for you to access, why not try this one to help you with your punctuation when writing.


Pyjamarama - Reading

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